Update : Nightmare before 2014

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Mind Blowing

Hello everyone. I have been so hectic, busy and void of electronic networking that I felt it was needed to give everyone a quick update as to future happenings in the works.

First thing on the agenda is I will be launching a new electronic diary in the next month or so to give status updates and organize information for SOS Phoenix while we are counting down to a new reopening of the website in a few months. I had ran into financial issues being newly wed and all, which ultimately lead to the demise of our webserver and upkeep. I am working out some kinks with my co-owner Sarge to establish a promising means of keeping the website up and running. So far we are going to only be promising that the website will be maintained at a full staffing for 2 years when we do have it up and running again. This runs into the reason behind the secondary diary – to maintain the progression of our goals and desires for the website, advertise its existence, and work towards gaining donations.

The next quick update is I am in the process of saving money to relocate my wife and I out of California since the cost of living here is astronomical. I have high hopes to have enough money to move next year if all goes well and my wife actually starts listening to me. Heh.

On the up scale, I will be making a habit of increasing my networking capabilities in the next week or so. I have been putting off socializing electronically for a while now due to these events and now in need of making my come back.


Sea Dragon

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Personal

The scent of steam, oil, and exhaust fumes stained the already thick summer air. The taste of salt seemed to forever linger on my lips. The artificial land gently swaying under my feet. Deep blue lights struggled to pierce the heavy darkness, yet seemed to fail to light anything other than lightly casting large silhouettes of the monsters being prepared to be loosed from their chains. On the horizon was a faint glow that was steadily approaching. The energy of anticipation was readily felt from everyone, though the silence was continued as if to wake the monsters from their slumber would be a bad omen. The light murmur of generators could barely be heard.

In sight of the source of light that was incoming with haste, the thoughts of the old and steadfast Great Wall of China rushed into my mind. The history lessons in my past of how the Chinese would light signal fires to notify each other as a sign of invaders. Though what laid in front of us was not a wall, but of oil rigs; each with eight foot tall flames pouring out of their ventilation stacks, as if warning our enemies of our arrival. The eerie orange glow lighting the path to our destination in anticipation, playing in the air as if taunting us forward into the unknown, slowly casting its light onto the surface of the ship.

As the darkness lifted, the crew appeared as if summoned by a superior power. Scurrying, acting like busy bees. Each with a singular purpose to achieve the same goal. The once sacred silence transformed into organized chaos.

Suddenly the monsters awoke with a deafening roar, as if the commotion interrupted their peaceful rest. One-by-one each beast was released of its shackles, allowing them to maneuver to their will. Their arms lowering, muscles flexing. A belly full of fire, a mind of destruction. With a short yell of anger they leaped into the air and vanished once more into the darkness.
It has begun. The time has come and passed that we were to breath life into death’s momentum. A single motion. Forward into the unknown.

With this, I found myself truly at peace for the first time in my life. Past the fear of the unknown. Past the knowledge of danger. Past the anxiety of what lay ahead. I do not know how it was possible. How I felt connected to the Universe in that one moment with all of the differing emotions that I was feeling leading up to this one point of time. It was as if a switch had suddenly clicked and a curtain of enlightenment had fallen over me, showing me the past, present, and future at one single swoop.

The only thing to do now was wait for the birds of prey to come back to their nest. The monsters. The F-18s I had been slaving over for the prior months, preparing them for this day to come, where they would leap into harms way for our culture’s great cause.

Operation Sea Dragon. I do believe that is what the United States Military has called this bold action. All I know is it would last for five more months. Five more months of this routine of sending armed monsters into the abyss of darkness to do their will. Unveiling their wrath upon the unsuspecting beings far below.

Soon, they will return to me. Empty of fuel and weapons, they will return to the nest for care and needed attention. My crafty hands. My expertise. That is my specialty. My love in life to this point had been the sky.

My grandfather taught me about the wonders of flight when I was 5 years old. I can still remember flying around Camarillo, CA in his small Cessna aircraft. The constant humming of the single prop engine as it propelled us forward at 300 feet. When my grandfather would let go of the controls and speak the three words I had been waiting for, I would joyfully take control and manipulate the craft to my will.

“Your turn, Critter.”

The happiness I found in the air with my grandpa led me to serving the United States Navy as an Aviation Structural Mechanic. For four years this would be my life. Living and breathing all things Aviation.

The months leading to the current point of time was full of activity. First, it all started with a normal packing up of the command‘s gear and personnel, getting them onto the ship. Once deployed on the USS Enterprise we had Qualifications to complete. After qualified the personnel had to undergo special combat training. Once this is all completed, we were to head to multiple hot zones for any signs of trouble. Whether it was for Diplomacy, Pirates, or to just be a physical presence in time of need.

No matter where we went or why we went there, we were still undergoing training to the highest extent. Drills every week. Some lasting for several hours. Some lasting for days.
“Expect the worst. Hope for the best,” the Captain would always ring in over the loud speakers at the end of the drills.

No matter how hard we drilled, it didn’t prepare us for the time to come. Now the time has passed and we were in the Persian Gulf. We were at war. There is no denying it now. Not after casting the aircraft I have adopted as my own into the darkness, ridden upon by men I consider my family. Wishing both luck, and preying for their safe return.

This feeling, it has me mesmerized. I will never forget it. I can only hope to feel it again. Perhaps, one day when I am called upon to be heroic once more I might feel it again. Until then, I will be here, remembering a time where the Universe was on my fingertips, connecting me to my ancestors before me. Giving me the strength to bear what was surely to come.


Posted: August 24, 2012 in Mind Blowing

Google it. 


Posted: August 28, 2011 in Personal

My website is finally operational. I will be updating the content on there instead of using this external website… If you have any questions, concerns, or otherwise would like to keep reading: Head on over to http://www.notinexistence.com

If not, well – I hope you die a gruesome death.

Enlighten Yourself

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Mind Altering

I understand that a lot of you, those that are reading, are not necessarily into the Zen of things. I figured I would try to express the importance of opening that door to fully grasp and concur your mind. It is the healthy mind and Body that strives in a world of change. So, lets poke around a little and see how far we get before I decide to let you figure the rest out on your own.

The first step to enlightenment is to sort your priorities out. This should be accomplished early on, but the problem is that in this day of age we tend to not have the Spirit walks the Natives use to have to endure before becoming of age. These are simple tasks you feel confident in drawing a firm opinion about (not to be confused with becoming opinionated). Your sexual orientation, for instance. Are you pro-abortion?  How do you feel about murder? What is your favorite color? What flower do you like in opposition of a rose? All of these are simple questions that you have to figure out for your own personal stance in life.

Once you have completed your personal orientation, you need to learn to accept that you are different from others. By accepting you are different from others, I am not stating just tell yourself “I am an Individual!” and be done with it. You need to accept that you think, walk, talk, smile, and look at your world differently compared to your mother, father and the rest of the world. We all have our similarities, however we differ in the end. By accepting that you are different, you see that others will not always see your way. When they do not, you have to accept it and not fight their opinions with yours. True acceptance leads to the ability to alter your mental patterns to attempt to see how others around you do.

By altering your thought processes from your personal perspective to another potential view, you get insight into how another person may react under a specified circumstance. Say in case of a fire, People in China may have a culturally specific response that differs from the cultural response of the same situation in Canada. These breaks in cultural imprinting, language barriers, and ultimately different life-style is an alteration from what you normally perceive. It is important when dealing with others that you respect this barrier and attempt to perceive their mentality to maneuver efficiently around such barriers. This ultimately enlightens you to better interact with others.

If you can successfully produce results with the above mentioned steps, you may be capable to enlighten yourself to a different plane of thinking. This level I refer to as the True Awareness. At a later date I may press further into the depths of True Awareness and related aspects of mind control, however I feel it best to allow for you, my readers, to venture a bit into your minds.

Short Second

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Mind Blowing

As a second post, and being that this is posted through my phone at the moment, I will keep this relatively short.

As I am currently working, I had a slight mental spasm on the progress of recycling. I understand that we need to recycle to attempt to save our home, however I believe that we are doing as such in a failing manner. In my epic thought of the day, I realized we will never truly recycle until we switch to a different high-tech system. Even as we recycle our aluminum and plastic drinking containers, we waste the said aluminum and plastic as waste from melting it down and reprocessing. This is wasteful and ultimately not truly recycling.

In the old days, we had milk delivered to us in glass containers that were later picked up, cleaned, and reused. Sure, a few were broken here and there, but the overall loss was extremely minimal. If we were to use our current technological advances to place into motion a system that had heavy duty metal containers to be used, collected, and then sanitized for recirculation, then we would have a true recycling process instead of wasting resources.

The logic behind the use of durable containers is that the only part of the container that is “waste” is the cap/ seal. After you purchase your beverage of choice, you take it to a recycling platform that you feed it into and it gives you a cash reward for recirculating that container. The reward is covered by not needing to produce more containers, so profits increase, waste lowers, and people are rewarded for not littering my planet.

The draw backs are slight, but immediate costs would be difficult to overcome. First the companies need to agree to switch to the system altogether. If every company switched over, then the system would he easy to impliment. If the companies did not wish to due to competition, then the system will fail. Second, the machinery for the manufacturing of bottles and cans would need to be removed to create space for sanitation and refilling containers. This is a timely process, which brings down time to that specific location for a brief period of time. Third, a law would he needed for it to be illegal to destroy these containers for any reason. Would it be wise to allow people to smelt it down to turn a profit off of a recycling effort of such magnitude?

While I understand this idea is most likely not to become a reality, at least it is an efficient idea to solve a problem we all need to be looking at for the sake of our children.

Hello World! (I own you!)

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Mind Blowing

This will surely be a day soon forgotten, since I just created this account and WordPress has never seen my interests (other than a few wishes to leave comments with a fancy picture attached to my name). I figure it would not hurt to move forward and create an account. After all, it is not like I like Facebook, however I have an account there!

This blog will be temperarily used until I am capable to find the time to fully edit and encode my main website. I will attempt to keep this blog updated with my outburst of thoughts, however I am sure I will one day forget to log in. Normally that is about the same time I start to receive followers. So, forget to check in on this blog and I will most likely stay around.

If you need anything, you may send me hate mail via whatever source you may find. If you can not find it, ask for the information or go blow yourself.